We've got 6 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

We've got 6 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

Onesies will never be the same again.

Who doesn’t love a soft, cosy onesie? We’ve spent so much time snuggled up in ours – just lazing away those cold winter weekends when we don’t feel like doing anything more than lie in bed catching up on all those Made in Chelsea episodes we’ve missed. Or keeping comfy cosy while we curl up on the sofa and slowly recover on those mornings after the nights before. For all those duvet days, for all those days when you’re staying in, making the tough call to put comfort above fashion, onesies are fabulous. But it did get us thinking... What if we didn’t have to make that choice? What if we could combine snuggliness and style in one amazing package? And the solution hit us harder than a Geordie Shore slap. ClaireaBella Onesies!

That’s right, we’re smashing the barriers of fashion by bringing the hottest trend to the cosiest clothes. Wrap up your whole body in an awesome onesie featuring a glitzy ClaireaBella gal that you design yourself! Pick her hair, eyes, skin tone and even fabulous outfit to make her look just the way you want her. Match her to your style so that when you’re curled up, hungover, you can glance down at her for inspiration - she’ll look the way you want to feel! Add your name and a bit of sparkle for that mega-personal effect.

Don’t worry guys, we haven’t left you out! We’ve also got onesies featuring the MrClaireaBella fellas so you too can smash cool designs with soft, homey comfort.

Both mens and womens onesies are available in a range of colours of your choosing. Pick your favourite, design your character and enjoy a fab onesie with a unique and super-stylish design. We know that looking awesome and staying glam isn’t something you do for everyone else, it’s something you do because you’re fabulous, and that’s what we want to celebrate. So stay super glamorous even when you’re just hanging out at home, with a gorgeous ClaireaBella onesie.

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