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We've got 3 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

Now we're cooking in style

We know how it is. We love baking, but we just wish there was a way to bring a little fashion to it. No-one watches the bake-off to check out the style icons (much as we do love Mary Berry). Well, now we've got it all sorted out. ClaireaBella's bringing style back in to the kitchen with some beautiful aprons featuring our iconic girls. As the hottest trend around, ClaireaBella is guaranteed to give you a little more fun fashion to your cook with. Aprons have never looked so good.

We never settle for the ordinary, do we? Even aprons can be glammed up to bring a bit of extra sparkle to your life. And what's more glam than ClaireaBella? Especially when, as always, you can design your own ClaireaBella character to fit on the front! Yep, it's not just a beautiful girl on your apron - it's a beautiful character that you create yourself to match your very own style and personality. Plus it features your own name or message for a completely personalised, amazing apron.

And it doesn't even stop there! For fun cooking with the kids, we've also given them a sensational ClaireaBella apron of their very own! Create another ClaireaBella character for them and add their name to it to enjoy an amazingly stunning baking experience together. Now you're cooking!

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